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We take the Headaches out of Steel Stairs!

prefab-steel-stairs.com takes the headaches out of industrial steel stairs



We work with you every step of the way!

Start to finish to ensure your success!


We don’t want to build your steel stairs just this time, we want to build them every time!

If you have been stuck in the middle waiting for answers and having the project being held up by your prefab steel stair vendor/sub contractor with everyone thinking it’s your fault, then you will love Alessandra!

Our system is all about making the industrial steel stair and railing part of your construction simple, fast, painless and more profitable.

Alessandra’s system is built on over 25 years industry experience and honed to precision by customer’s feedback!

We listened to our customer’s problems and complaints with other industrial steel stair fabricators and we have eliminated them with our system.

Our proven system will put you back in control with;

    • Competitive Pricing.
      • We want the job as much as you do!
    • Online estimates.
      • No waiting, instant answers online and a copy sent to your e-mail.
    • Online Architectural drawing plans upload.
      • Or any other slower system you prefer.
    • Fast quotes.
      • Usually with in 24 hours.
    • Precision Architectural drawing review.
      • Eliminate flaws and errors that compound in to big problems.
    • Architectural design review.
      • If available we will suggest changes to reduce costs of production and installation.
    • Fast shop drawing return.
      • Get them approved now!
      • Be waiting on the architect don’t have him waiting on you!
    • High precision fine detail stair production built exactly as drawn.
      • We build, mark and bundle as if we were installing it ourselves.
    • Separately bundled and fully marked stair bundles delivered to your jobsite.
      • No sorting – Start assembling.
    • Quick fabrication and on time delivery.
      • Schedule and complete the job on time.
    • On line downloadable installation manual.
      • Review with you iron workers and welders and be ready to install before the bundles arrive.
    • Step by step assembly instructions.
      • Follow the instructions for simple trouble free installation by your iron workers and welders.
    • Phone Support.
      • If for some reason you need help at anytime or have question during assembly give us a call our steel stair experts are here to make sure you succeed!


Get your bids in on time with our fast estimates.

Get your architect’s approval quickly with our fast shop drawings

Keep you project on schedule with our fast fabrication and on time delivery.

Save money! Have your iron workers and welders install your prefab steel stairs with the Alessandra step by step instruction manual.

Many companies make prefab steel stairs.

Alessandra makes prefab steel stair customers happy!


75B Mill Street
Newton, NJ

Office Hours:
9:00 A.M. ~ 4:30 P.M.
Monday ~ Friday

Industrial Stairs